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Creating That Perfect Patio or Deck For Your Home

Do you sometimes look at your yard and think “What can be done to make the backyard more usable?” Or are you wondering, “Is it time to remodel or replace that tired patio too?” Well is it? Once the year winds down, it’s common for homeowners to begin thinking about outdoor improvements for the following season.

We’re often asked about the ‘deck vs. patio’ debate when it comes time to renovate. Outdoor living spaces such as decks, porch and patio enclosures have become a cornerstone among home improvement projects. Understandably though, most customers aren’t familiar with planning this type of project. Or where to start, for that matter.

Items To Consider When Think About Adding a Patio or Deck

Landscape: The landscape and elevation around your home will be the deciding factor when addressing the  ‘deck vs. patio’ question. Decks allow for elevation and uneven backyards, where a patio would require more labor intensive leveling to provide the ideal surface for a patio.

Cost: Cost is truly decided upon the materials used when comparing ‘deck vs. patio.’ In addition, costs can skyrocket when it comes to added features to either option.

Maintenance: Patios are thought to be maintenance free, but that is far from reality. Patios will require weeding, crack refills or repair, and constant cleaning. In high humidity areas they may require algae and mold preventative maintenance. Maintaining a deck is similar to maintaining a home.  If your deck is constructed with wood there will be more routine maintenance like reapplying the sealer, termite prevention, and general cleaning.

Designing Your Patio Enclosure or Deck

Countless times we have clients bring in a drawing on a napkin or scrap paper asking us if we can create their dream backyard area. We love it when this happens!

Our design team help homeowners transition their backyard into an oasis of tranquility and peace by creating patios, patio enclosures, and decks that were once only a dream.

Our design team will start with a on-site inspection of the property and landscape area. During that visit, our designer will discuss the needs and wants of your new outdoor space. We will then begin to create a concept drawing based on your current backyard design which will lead to and final renderings as your vision evolves and crystallizes.

With your goals, design plan and budget in mind, we determine all of the possibilities you can include in your patio or deck, and focus on choices that meet your needs.

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